Item Category Advanced Search

High-performance, flexible item category navigation

search and magnifier icon dark blue, isolated on black background.

The full UNSPSC taxonomy contains over 50,000 commodity codes. If you manage a large number of item category codes, this inexpensive utility was designed for you. Search your category codes by dozens of attributes. Result set chunking allows you to easily view result sets in excess of 300 rows. Transfer to the item category definition to perform updates.

  • Search on dozens of attributes.
  • Chunked result set for navigating large data sets.
  • Navigate to item category definition component.
  • Extensible by Design
  • Outperforms delivered search functionality.

System Requirements

  • PeopleTools 8.50 & higher
  • Databases – Oracle, SQL Server
  • Enhancement Framework for PeopleSoft

What’s Included

  • A perpetual, nontransferable license to use Item Category Advanced Search in all your environments.
  • Free – 1 year upgrades.
  • Free – 1 year email support.