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Recommended for all PeopleSoft users

EFP Plugin Manager

EFP Plugin Manager is a standardized framework for developing, installing, configuring, and managing PeopleSoft solution plugins. PeopleSoft users will appreciate the ability to track and manage installed solutions from a single location. Professional PeopleSoft developers will benefit from the developer toolkit and features enabling distribution, like support for relocatable message sets. EFP Plugin Manager is available at no charge to registered ERP Solution Exchange customers and partners.

Dynamic Run Controls & Dynamic Run Control Process Upgrades

Dynamic Run Controls enable users to toggle between static run control values and substitution variables evaluated at run-time, so your processes, reports, and interfaces can easily be scheduled for automatic execution or run on an ad hoc basis. Creating new processes with dynamic run controls is easy and existing processes can be upgraded without modifying process logic.

Low-cost Dynamic Run Control upgrades for delivered PeopleSoft processes are also available.