Item Management Suite

Join our IMS community today and start taking total control of item data in an easy-to-use, powerful, fully-integrated module.



  • Provides the ability to change any or all items based on hierarchical table and field values, procurement and inventory managers have total control of item data, in an easy to use, powerful, fully integrated module.
  • Delivering Point and Click Item Maintenance Makes The Module Easy To Use, Controllable, and Accurate For The An End-User
    Stage, Manage, and Update Dozens of Item Master Default Values
  • Significantly Reduces Implementation and Item Maintenance Costs
  • Flexibility to Load and Manage Pre-Defined Item ID’s or Generate New Item ID’s in Mass
  • Integrated Update and Maintenance of Dozens of Item Procurement and Inventory Controls (I.E. Asset Profile, Accounting, Tolerances, Receiving and Inspection, Item Categories, Supplier, Contract Control)
  • Pull out items for a specific vendor and change the default UOM or priority vendor in minutes.
  • Update items by buyer, MSDS, hazard code, description, account number, asset profile, or any of the 300 fields available
  • Extract items to a spreadsheet to modify and reload, or stage directly from the system to modify and reload. The options are limited only by the skills and imagination of the user
  • Simplify category code management, apply category changes to thousands of items in minutes and build ePro Catalogs
  • Identify invalid and corrupt data, while providing flexible updates to tens of thousands of records.  120 automated validations can control such errors as duplicate vendor item ID’s, invalid category codes or overwriting vendor priorities by mistake.
  • Control access to the item master, and maintain items as transactional data.  This means that each process or set of item updates is based on a “Request ID”
  • Change all items for a specific vendor under contract to specific future date status of inactive.  Inactivate ALL item vendor relationships for a set of items, or set only one as the active vendor
  • Load new items using auto numbering, pre-defined numbers, or any combination necessary, with the ability to load multiple item vendor relationships in one process.
  • Update, inactivate, or load additional item vendors pricing and UOM’s by the thousands


  • Reduce you cost of managing item content – you’ll save the subscription cost many times over every year.
  • Improve the quality of your item data.
  • Free upgrades to new releases.
  • Free email support.
  • Guide future release features and functionality.
  • Access subscription-only content.

System Requirements

  • PeopleTools 8.50 & higher
  • Databases – Oracle, SQL Server
  • Enhancement Framework for PeopleSoft

What’s Included

  • A perpetual, non-transferable license to use IMS for PeopleSoft in all your environments.
  • FREE 1 year Responsive Upgrades
  • FREE – 1 year email support