ezDynamic Run Controls for PeopleSoft

Easily create run controls that support both ad hoc and automatic execution

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ezDynamic Run Controls are the new standard for PeopleSoft run control development.  They allow developers to easily create process, report, and interface run controls supporting both ad hoc and scheduled execution without compromises. ezDynamic Run Controls allow users to toggle run control parameter prompts between standard record-field prompts and lists of substitution variables that are automatically evaluated at run-time. Built-in access controls allow limiting substitution variable access by role.

As easy to implement as traditional run controls, ezDynamic Run Controls are an effective way to ensure your processes can be scheduled for recurring execution.

Upgrade existing processes in minutes

ezDynamic Run Controls use Drag, Drop & Register technology to virtually eliminate the coding required to upgrade an existing run control page. No modification of your existing process is required, just create a job that executes the delivered run-time parameter creation process prior to your existing process.
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Low cost upgraded processes available

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Upgraded versions of standard processes are available at low cost from ERP SolutionExchange. With free support for one year, purchasing an upgraded process is more cost effective and efficient than an in-house upgrade.

System Requirements

  • PeopleTools 8.50 & higher
  • Databases – Oracle, SQL Server

What’s Included

  • A perpetual, non-transferable license to use ezDynamic Run Controls in all your environments.
  • FREE – 1 year email support
  • FREE – 1 year Responsive Upgrades