Introducing ezDynamic Run Controls

Traditional run controls impose limitations on the ability to execute your processes as needed. ezDynamic Run Controls is a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to overcome the limitations of traditional run controls.

Traditional Run Controls

It is often desirable to run PeopleSoft processes and reports automatically on a recurring schedule. Batch data processing, transactional reporting, and many interfaces are typically run on nightly schedules. Input parameters for recurring processes, often date or datetime ranges, should be dynamic rather than static values. They must be resolved at run-time to identify transactional or configuration data generated since the previous execution. For example, in order to schedule the Journal Entry Detail Report (below) for automatic generation and distribution the From Date and Thru Date run control parameters would need to be updated each day to reflect the interval from the previous execution to the current execution.


There is no native PeopleSoft support for dynamic run control parameters so developers are left to devise their own solutions. Many such solutions are difficult to support or interfere with ad hoc process execution.

One common approach is hard-coded process logic defining parameters based on execution time. This often renders a process unsuitable for ad hoc execution by users and can make it difficult for support personnel to rerun a process for a specific set of parameters. Additionally, hard-coded logic can be opaque to users resulting in confusion and incorrect run control configuration.

Another approach is creation of a parameter updating process that runs before recurring processes. Coordination of execution times is critical with this approach. Should the parameter update process fail to run prior to recurring processes or relative run times are not as expected, process results can be incorrect. Additionally, parameter update processes require technical support to add and modify parameters.

Some third-party process schedulers support dynamic parameters but they can be expensive, require extensive configuration, and parameter configuration logic may not be readily extensible to meet unique organization requirements.

Many organizations have no standard approach for identifying the need for and maintaining dynamic parameters resulting in processes that cannot be scheduled on a recurrence or a difficult-to-support array of ad hoc solutions.

ezDynamic Run Controls

ezDynamic Run Controls is a cost-effective way to implement a standard methodology for creating run controls that support dynamic parameters for automatic process execution while also allowing easy ad hoc execution. The process for developing ezDynamic Run Controls is similar to that for traditional run controls and requires minimal coding, so developers will master it quickly. The ezDynamic Run Controls substitution variable set is easily extended to meet unique requirements and dynamic parameter evaluation logic is consistently applied across all processes.

ezDynamic Run Controls are powered by DynaFields, a custom page control that permits toggling field prompts between standard record-field prompt values and lists of substitution variables specific to the parameter data-type. Access controls can be configured for each run control component to restrict substitution variable use by security role. Substitution variables are automatically evaluated at run-time. For Application Engine processes substitution variable evaluation is accomplished via a function call while other process types are run in conjunction with a provided AE program.

The following image shows the Journal Entry Detail Report run control page upgraded for ezDynamic Run Controls with DynaFields replacing the From Date and To Date fields. DynaFields provide users the ability to select either static values or substitution variables as run control parameters, permitting easy configuration for either ad hoc or recurring execution. The DynaField toggle button chameleon icon displays black to indicate the static values prompt is active and multicolored to indicate the substitution variables prompt is active.


How ezDynamic Run Controls Work

Using ezDynamic Run Controls with your Application Engine programs is similar to using traditional run controls with the following differences:

When building a dynamic run control page DynaField page controls are used in place of Application Designer page controls for each dynamic parameter. DynaField page controls use our Drag, Drop & Register technology to minimize coding and development time.


Next, include in your Application Engine program a call to the delivered run-time variable resolution program.


Your program can now access run-time parameters.

What if I need substitution variables not delivered with ezDynamic Run Controls?

Like all our applications, ezDynamic Run Controls adhere to our Extensible By Design development practices. The substitution variable set can easily be extended to meet your organization’s needs.


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