ezAdd-On Manager Documentation Guide

ezAdd-On Manager (ezAOM) uses XML constructs for change control and in-line PeopleCode documentation. Constructs Tags ezAOM tags begin with < and end with >. Like XML, ezAOM tags come in three flavors: start-tags; for example: <documentation> end-tags; for example: </documentation> empty-element tags; for example: <documentation/> Elements Elements are logical document […]

ezAdd-On Manager Installation Guide

Obtaining ezAdd-On Manager ezAdd-On Manager is available to PeopleSoft users and developers without charge from ERP Solution Exchange. You must register to obtain a copy. Step 1 Place the EZAOM compressed folder in the c:\temp folder of your workstation and extract all files. You should see the files shown below. […]

ezAdd-On Manager License v1.0

You are granted a perpetual, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to install and use ezAdd-On Manager in your PeopleSoft environments, create derivative works, and distribute derivative works provided the following conditions are met: Copies and derivative works retain all copyright notices, trademark notices, and other original annotations. Derivative works are distributed only […]

Introducing ezBanking PosPay

ezBanking PosPay is the easiest, most cost-effective way to implement PeopleSoft positive pay file generation. ezBanking PosPay seamlessly integrates with PeopleSoft Banking to produce positive pay files meeting your banks’ formatting specifications. No programming is required. Low-cost positive pay form definitions are available for purchase or can be easily created […]

Introducing ezDynamic Run Controls

Traditional run controls impose limitations on the ability to execute your processes as needed. ezDynamic Run Controls is a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to overcome the limitations of traditional run controls. Traditional Run Controls It is often desirable to run PeopleSoft processes and reports automatically on a recurring schedule. Batch […]

Introducing ezSDK SearchBuilder

SearchBuilder is a PeopleSoft development accelerator delivered with the ezSoftware Development Kit (ezSDK). It combines ezSDK FlexField and Chunking page controls into a single application component enabling development of powerful, high-performance search components that efficiently handle large data sets. Employing our Drag, Drop & Register technology, SearchBulder significantly reduces development […]

Understanding the Add-On Registry and Configuration Templates

ezAdd-On Manager is a complete framework for creating and managing distributable PeopleSoft add-ons. Add-ons include: applications, enhancements and plug-ins that extend the functionality of your PeopleSoft system; and application components, page controls, and libraries used by developers. ezAdd-On Manager provides a suite of utilities for installing and managing add-ons in […]

ezDynamic Run Controls Developer Guide

Introduction The ezDynamic Run Control (ezDRC) application component facilitates creation of PeopleSoft run controls that allow process parameters to be defined as either static values or substitution variables. Process parameters defined as substitution variable values are automatically calculated at run-time. Substitution variables are used as parameters when a process is […]